SlideBioXplor set out to elucidate a novel pathogenic pathway for a rare disease called Lipedema, which is an inflammatory fat disorder, with very little published research. The team elucidated the pathway based on an initial gene found to be strongly associated with a rare genetic disease, and built out the pathway using indirect literature evidence supporting the genetic and clinical features that are known. The team proposed a novel therapeutic hypothesis with evidence to support drug combinations. The identified targets were then found to be highly-expressed in Lipedema patient tissues, and a leading Lipedema expert, an endocrinologist at University of Arizona, confirmed that one proposed candidate was already being prescribed, even though this finding is not to be found in the biomedical literature. This drug needs to be given at a lower dosage and supports the synergistic combination of another drug in combination to generate a therapeutic effect. Case Study - Lipedema Drug Combinations Novel Pathway Elucidation, Drug Targets, Mechanisms of Action Request more information

SlideBioXplor's platform is being utilized to identify immunomodulation drug targets and drug combinations for COVID-19. The goal is to identify novel treatment combinations for COVID displaying evidence of synergy, safety and efficacy for treatment of high-risk patients with severe disease. Request More Information Case Study - COVID-19 Drug Combinations