SlideOncology Explorer Oncology Explorer is the core technology platform used to power clinican decision support tools to find the right treatments for the right patients, while garnering value-based care insights on patient response. The core technology includes text analysis and natural language processing, image processing and AI recognition, as well as machine learning-based interpretation of medical records, literature, clinical trials reports and datasets, as well as drug safety and efficacy databases. The ontology-driven intelligent search & analytics engine is designed for precision oncology to derive rapid, actionable insights from scientific literature evidence and clinical trials to help medical oncologists and researchers match the right treatments for the right patient. See m,ore information below on our MyelomaExplorer pilot program.


SlideEnquire Intelligent Cancer Search & Analytics Platform

Data Microservices Expression Analysis Interpretation of gene expression signals from oncology literature Variant Analysis Functional annotation of genetic variants from oncology literature Pharmacovigilance Safety and toxicity insights from Oncology literature and patient forums Methodology Retrieval of structured materials and methods from biomedical literature Clinical Trials Retrieval of structured clinical trials data from Medical Records Interpretation of EMR clinical notes from private data sources