BioXplor Team

BioXplor Team


Head of Product, Alliances & Business Development

Mark Rogers

15 years experience in emerging biotechnology, biomedical research & commercialization. MSc in Molecular Biotechnology.

Head of Software & Data Engineering

Pavel Kartasevs

10 years experience in high-performance computing, software engineering, and bioinformatics. MEng in Computer Engineering, MSc in Applied Bioinformatics.

Head of Marketing & Finance Operations

Anna O'Leary

10 years experience in business operations, management & marketing. BA in Business & Finance.

Head of Machine Learning Research

John Conway

20 years of experience in hands-on analytics, data science and management. MSc in Applied Data Science.

Advisory Board


Bill Allison

current CIO & ex- CTO @ UC Berkeley. Ex- Lexus Nexus & Startup Founder.


David Kwon

MD, PhD @ Harvard, MBA @ UC Berkeley. Senior Medical Director, ex- Novartis & Gilead.


Jody Haigh

Prof in Haematology & Oncology @ Dept. Therapeutics & Pharmacology, University of Manitoba.