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Craig Venter

"One of the biggest challenges in medicine and science today is INTERPRETATION of the vast amount of data being generated"

80% of healthcare data is unstructured...

SlideNatural Language Processing & Machine Learning BioXplor is a life science data analytics company developing a computational network pharmacology platform to match optimal drug combinations to the right patients. Our proprietary natural language processing and machine learning platform is applied to extract novel insights from unstructured and structured data including medical records, clinical trials, biomedical journals, and patient biopsy-derived genomics data. The system has been successfully applied in pharmaceutical company collaborations to recommend patient responder and non-responder profiles, for indication expansion and novel target identification. BioXplor's approach uniquely prioritizes targets, drugs and patients based on safety and efficacy insights, and can be applied to programs at early-stage drug discovery, clinical trials-stage and post-approval stage. The data-driven discovery system is designed to maximize the return on investment into existing drug programs at a fraction of the time and cost of wet-lab driven approaches.