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SlideNetwork Pharmacology is an emerging field based in systems pharmacology that looks at the effect of drugs on both the interactome and the diseasome. The drug-target network (DTN) can play an important role in understanding the mechanisms of action of approved and experimental drugs. With a network-based insight, network pharmacology intends to systematically reflect and reveal the biological foundation of complex diseases and drug effects. The unique network-based relationship that drug pairs with Complementary Exposure to the disease module tend to be effective drug combinations is consistent with the non-overlapping pharmacological principle in rational drug combination design (Yıldırım et al., Nature biotech (Nature biotechnology (119–1126), 2007). Network Pharmacology

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SlideCollecting Patient Reported Outcomes BioXplor's patient reported outcomes application is designed to encourage patients to input data to track their treatment and condition on a daily basis, and provides weekly, monthly and quarterly chart views to easily monitor progress. Patients can upload and store EMR and genomics datasets, which are used to match the latest relevant clinical trials. Fitbit data is also be integrated into the app. BioXplor tailors the application for specific therapeutic areas in partnerships with patient groups and clinical trial sponsors. The data collected is is integrated into BioXplor's network pharmacology system for clinical responder analysis.

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